From a Writing Prompt

This was my VERY short story entry for the prompt "write the first paragraph this image inspires you with." Of course I didn't limit myself to a single paragraph, as that would be following the rules.


7/4/20241 min read

It was finally done.

It had taken forty-three years, and the uncounted deaths of generations of slaves to build. Nearly a dozen nearby cities, once thriving centers of commerce, art and trade had been destroyed and ravaged by the royal armies, the stolen wealth used to pay for the Timepiece's construction.

Upon its final consecration, seven virgins, three boys, three girls, and one who declined to answer, were sacrificed to power the spell that would ensure the Timepiece would run until the end of time, protected from the elements, and all interference by mortals and gods alike.

It was hailed as the crown jewel of the kingdom, forever protected and eternal, a living monument of the people's greatness.

It was only after the blood was spilled, the spell was cast, and the Timepiece's protection put in place, that a little boy noticed it was running five and a half minutes fast.